Job Interview Tips : Ask these 5 important questions from the employer !

Compared to last year, there has been a decrease in jobs across the world at this time. That’s why it has become more important to ask the applicants in the interview why they want to work in the company. Job posting in America is 15 percent less this year than in April 2022.

According to digital marketing company Semrush, between March 2022 and March this year, the search for a question on Google increased six times. This question is- what three questions should I ask my interviewer.

5 Questions To Employer :

Work From Home :

The interviewer should be asked questions about work from home policy. If the work is done online then this question becomes. If there is a work from home policy, then you will be able to work while spending more time with your family.

Company’s performance :

At the time of interview, questions may be asked about the recent performance of the company. This will make the company feel that you are interested in the work and growth of the company.

Job Responsibilities :

This is the one most important question. As you will get an idea about your job profile and execution.

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Ask about company specialties :

Career counselors believe that in the interview, ask the employers about the specialties of the company. With this, he will not be able to get away from vague or strange responses. If they ask about their inclusive culture, ask them what they think about Zoom meetings or who sits at what desk

Performance review and feedback :

Ask employers during the interview what is the system of giving feedback and how to do performance review. Ariel Schur, CEO of ABS Staffing Solutions, said that I have heard from many people who quit because they do not know where they stand with their boss.

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